You are a snowman in the middle of an apocalypse. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible.

Standing on a hot ground will melt you slowly. Running into a falling meteorite will kill you instantly!

Made by 01lifeleft & Noshyaar for GodotJam 2018 using Godot Engine 3.0.3.


This game can be very difficult! We decided to leave it as is until the jam is over. One of us survived for 65 seconds. With the right strategy, you can do even better. If you get around this time, you're doing an excellent job!

Thank you for playing, rating, and reviewing. :)


Font : Mushin (無心) - See README_MushinFont.txt

音楽: フリーBGM・音楽素材MusMus
BGM : Free BGM - Music Material - MusMus

Install instructions

    ~ Controls ~

[A] [D] [Left] [Right] - Walk
[Space] - Jump
[Shift] - Dash (while airborne)
[R] - Restart
[Esc] - Quit

Known issues with HTML5 platform:
- The meteorites might not collide with anything. (Try refreshing)
- Area where the meterorites crash into is pitch black.
- Audio latency.

Downloadable versions are highly recommended.


Snowcalypse Linux 64-bit 52 MB
Snowcalypse Windows 64-bit 51 MB

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